Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Samsung Free Laser Toner 2011

This month's promotion: Free Laser Toner for several new laser printers by Samsung.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Prices and specifications in a full colour brochure plus summary page list of all available laptops, netbooks, and super tablet - TF101 Transformer.
See Pricelist page -
ASUS ranked number 1 in reliability. Beating the second place by an incredibly huge margin. Reliability is essential in today's data centric environment. Data is king, data is value. And Asus proves their confidence in themselves usually offering 2 years global warranty for laptops.

Did you know when Asus started as a motherboard maker, they started with Intel's reference blueprint WITHOUT even having the physical engine (the CPU) to test their circuitry. When they send their prototype to Intel's HQ, there was a shocking disbelief. How can an unknown company in the far east Asia, succeeded in assembling a complete circuitry without even having the CPU to test and have pure confidence it will operate and run?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

MyDomain Registration and Renewal Fees

Many times, we are unaware what are the typical fees registering a domain name entails. Many unscrupulous domain registration gives a super low rate, only to make the renewal (the following year) at a much higher cost.

Heck, even in Malaysia domain registration is a mystery especially for the domiciled TLD that ends with dot com dot my. (.com.my) For now it seems the only way to obtain a com.my is to be a registered business domiciled in Malaysia.

So the next best option is to register for the supreme - DOT COM.

Here is a pricelist of a reputable company called MyDomain.

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