Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Julian Assange Bourne Legacy Escape Plan

Julian Assange is stuck in the Ecuadorian embassy. He can attempt some cool Bourne Legacy style escape plan, if he was an avid Jason Bourne fan, AND the fitness level of Matt Damon.

Here are some suggestions that are taken from Bourne Identity Trilogy:
1. Diversion - create a diversion. How? Well if Angelina Jolie could do it in SALT. So can you. A fire. A flooding? An injury? Well I wished I can quote Swordfish's word-for-word wordplay by John Travolta. And why not - "Misdirection. What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes." The whole movie's premise was a misdirection.

2. Flashmob - perhaps some Occupy people or some other Greenpeace, Freedom, Vendetta, style people could come up with a huge flash mob, to sort of do a diversion (again), and might have a chance to escape within the mob, or under the cover of the mist.

3. Employ Bourne - what better way to get out than getting the guy who could always get out to help you out? Perhaps not fictional Bourne per se, but some capable individual, or team. The Expendables, The A-Team, GI Joe (or COBRA!), even Jason Statham. I mean his characters in the movies. Transporter guy, or the Mechanic.

4. Zombie - create somekind of zombie situation - biological, infection another perhaps variation of misdirection. Or pretend to be a zombie. Well it beats pretending to be crazy "aka pleading for insanity defence" which is a big valid defence in USA. Everybody loves a zombie phenomenon. Look at all those TV series, movies that are crazy. Perhaps start by biting the first US personnel (hopefully high ranking) that he meets.

5. Comedy - get Howard Stern. Ferocious zeal of comedy, frankness, blandness, and rebellion, outrageous wordings, this will be like alpha strike in the binary word. Everyone would be twitting, FBing, or glued to their radio sets like good old Howard time? The humour can work wonders. Make it hit harder to those who cannot change. They will laugh. Or die. They will see US foreign policy is just what they thought they proudly fighting to quell. Subversion? Check. Planting? Check. Protecting Criminal? Check Check Check. And worst protecting previous Presidents that were in everybody and God's book, criminal. What a shame. This whole fake macho War chant "I'm doing my job" it is so lamean excuse, it is certainly not excusable.

6. We Are The World - Human Shield. Human Wave. Red Wave. Green Wave. Yellow Shirt. Whichever you say it - long long pile of humans holding hands, marching right into that embassy. Everybody holding hands. Hold my hands. All talking about peace. Human Shield. No decent army should do any offensive behaviour.

Agree? Funny? Comments? Share it. Well it's not entirely a joke, but to talk about a serious way of helping someone who helped giving out the truth to the world. We just don't want him to be shot cowardly like what the US government in 1967 did to Che Guevara. Shot him. Cold blooded. And the shooter even took his handgun as souvenir. This is worst than "The Assasination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford". The CIA shooter is the world's number one coward.

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