Monday, March 18, 2013

Xbox720 MUST be branded as Xbox8 wrt to Win8

The last article I touched upon was PS3's next generation. So-called PS4. And my simple suggestion was Sony should name it as PS Z. In line with their top premium Xperia Z, and Xperia Z Tablet. Put them in a synchronised family. Just what purple VAIO was supposed to be in the 80s and 90s.

Similarly, here at Microsoft's battlefield 2013, they MUST continue their branding of 8. Windows 8. Windows Phone 8. Xbox 8.

With a strong and ubiquitous naming, the "8" range of operating system, phone operating system, and gaming operating system, will be unified seamlessly.

Samsung has their perfectly done "S" like. Galaxy S line. Even the Galaxy Note like is remarkably done. South Korea has arrived. BIG TIME. Gangnam Style was not the beginning. It began 10 years or so ago. The momentum keeps going upwards. It is "han" in Korean way of saying things about bettering the next generation, in order to show respect to the elders(parents). It is duty-bound. You must improve, innovate. It is Confucianism and modernism. Their Kpop stars such as KARA, T-ARA, BigBang, BoA, they train years(!!!) before "debut"ing. That's right. There is intense training, speech, exercise, language, nutrition, music, composition, poise, handling cameras, crowds, promoting, how to maintain privacy.

I'm moving there end of this year. Where? South Korea.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sony Xperia Z SOLD OUT in Malaysia

Latest news regarding the potent 2013 flagship smartphone of Sony - the Xperia Z is SOLD OUT in Malaysia, as published in their official website.

Sony Xperia Z SOLD OUT in Malaysia.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sony PS4 is called Xperia PS Z

Why not? There is the fabulous Xperia Z, water proof, superb camera, and perhaps the flagship saviour of the entire Sony clan.

There is the Xperia Z Tablet. Super thin, top performance. Made in Japan.

So surely Sony MUST come out with a new clan of Z. A triumvirate of tech wizardry.

If Microsoft has the all seeing eye 2 years ago to unify their whole system, Xbox, Windows Phone and Desktop OS into a supreme Super 8 kind of trinity, then perhaps Sony should have this futuristic view.

Sony is a powerful beast. They have a very strong camera department. If they can gather enough momentum and unification in their devices, ie. phones, camera, tablets, gaming consoles - wow a miracle could happen.

The competition:
Microsoft has the trinity of triple playing console, OS, and phone.
Apple in their own system - no console.
Google is just phone OS. No gaming console, no real defined OS.
How about other possible players?
Nikon? Great camera, that's it.

Canon! Camera and Printer - converged and they have had a wonderful run since the beginning of the digital age of photography. But can they move further? Shouldn't they have an Android camera and printer to go forward? I think they should. NOW.

Samsung has conquered the phone world. Tablet. No console. But look at their other devices. Here devices mean anything nowadays that has some electronics and some basic brain CPU power. Remember the notion of "IP everywhere"? "IP on everything". Look at Samsung carefully. They have drones of devices, huge robotics. Yes! Refrigerators, microwaves, washing machine, dish washer, dryer, electronic door lock (PIN, bio, NFC capable). I bet vacuum cleaners and those robotic floor sweeping machines too. They should be eventually connected somehow. If there isn't a wifi they should have some sort of NFC system, or low-powered Bluetooth. Your vacuum cleaner could be fitted with GPS too. Your fridge is connected via Ethernet and it will notify an order for eggs and milk when they run out, since these are surely the easiest positions in the fridge to have some way of checking the level of milk and eggs. Perhaps rice too.
Coffee machines.

Hwaiting! (Ha Ji Won)

What about Seoul, Korea? LG too is big in the white goods, household goods. Refrigerators and microwaves.

Samsung has jumped the huge leap again with the defining Android Galaxy Camera. If Canon and Nikon does not take note of this in their top management's thinking, they might be going the days of Hayes.

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