Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tron Mobile Phone Plans Malaysia

The rebooted Tron movie, Tron 2.0 was an amazing work of CGI, special effects, and a futuristic dresscode that beats the Storm Troopers down flat. Incredibly tidy outfits with neon blue LED lights. How cool is that?
Now another Tron has landed. Why didn't the movie creators made a trademark of that peculiar sounding brand? Anyway, this Tron is a mobile service provider and more. This TRON (3.0?) is: 1) a mobile service provider 2) a Mobile Virtual Number Operator 3) a next generation mobile convergence and telecommunication interactive portal platform (gasp for air.. this line was quoted directly from the About page) 4) a challenger to the top 3 (or top 4 if you put in U Mobile) for cellular space in Malaysia https://tron.com.my/tron/index.php/about-us

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Computer and Laptop Repair Shops

There are a dozen elf run computer and laptop repair shops on the far reaches of this silicon gigahertz paradise - just at the "unwanted" portions; edges of (glory?) the main floor space. Well they look pretty decent, though the staff's over-friendly "hi can I help you" might tend to frighten some instead of inviting potential customers. Mainly these shops are run by Pakistani, Indian, and Middle Eastern bosses and staff. Very sure it is a lucrative business to dabble in the dark arts of repairing, slicing, Existenz-esque kind of chop shop - since surely there is a demand for these, and "ancient" ones that are still sought after in their homeland.

There was this case of a China businessman. Well perhaps a scrap collector. Who started collecting "pager" - that ancient device that beeps you to call the beeper back. Yes, you have to fork out some coins to call back someone at a "PAYPHONE"(!) who had just beeped you - whoever it is, it's a number and perhaps a few lines of text. Outrageous? Unbelievable? Then you're certainly born in Generation Z.

Back to the storyline: he collected all these thrash that the golden cities of the east do not want, and then pack them on his saddle and along with 7 swordsmen of Huashan, rode West. West to the mountains of Shangri-la, to land of the barbarians, outcast, pirates (aka. South West China, and to a certain extend South East China which most of your ancestors came from too! I know you readers!).

 He made 398 million dollars.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Member Exclusive Canon SX40 at 1549 RM

Attention loyal fun loving members of Lowyat Pricelist.
Each member is entitled to buy a maximum of 2 sets.
There are 10 sets exclusively for members at a discount of 150 RM.
RRP: 1699 RM
Member Discount: 150 RM
Final Price: 1549 RM
Get a 4GB Memory Card by donating 1 RM to charity.

Please check our Facebook Page for details and reservation criteria.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wanted Canon SX40 Nokia X2 and Asus Prime

Everybody wants to have the latest tools, gadgets, electronics, camera, phone - or should we just put them collectively as Minority Report handheld devices? Not shocking anybody out there, since the Shock of Lightning can really go faster than a cannonball. So the non-shocker is, my choice of 3 handheld devices: 1) The latest incarnation of the SX series, from Canon Cameras, is SX40 HS. There is a change in the naming. Instead of "IS" (Image Stabiliser) now it comes with a "HS" suffix. High Sensitivity. My current unit is the SX10 IS, which is literally NOT the first generation. Prior to SX10 there was SX5, which I did own as well. And another earlier SX, was perhaps SX1 and SX3.
2) Nokia (huh!) X2 (huh x2!!) - yes I would have expected double "huhs". Why Nokia and why X2? My current phone is Nokia 5310. It is small, simple, fast, long lasting, does what I want (phone call, enough SMS) and best of all superb MP3 music playing. This phone has the suffix moniker XpressMusic. So I literally had chosen it because of this aspect. I need my music when I am on the go. Oh ya, I don't have to focus on the traffic when I move around. So my mind is on the music and lyrics.

 I didn't do a big research on phones for years - simply I prefer not to be caught up in hype and "wants" - and just stumbled on it today. 5310 has served me well for exactly 3 years. It's still so new. And I did a Google quick search to see if Nokia came up with a replacement model. And this was the closest. Everything else is crazy! Phones with keypad that has more keys than my Asus Seashell, or those with 3G at a bombshell price which I would never use anyway. Or those with megapixels and mega-everything but not much in the music department. To be open, anyone has any suggestion for a similar phone - please suggest here or in the Facebook page.
3) Asus Prime - this is perhaps the only item that is state-of-the-art - in comparison to the above two selections. Yes, I have Asus TF101 Transformer. Bought it for my parents to play Angry Birds.

Now, I am hoping to snag Prime since it will have Tegra3 to power up all the graphics and videos - and lag free reading of PDF pricelist! Prime will be the place to do: a) reading PDF pricelist/magazines/books b) mp3 music at home and since it's so portable, during bath time! c) taking retro style photos using some Android Apps d) watching some music videos and art project movies e) surf f) play Angry Birds (finally?!)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Startec Computers Lowyat Plaza A3 Pricelist

Startec Computers is located at a strategic plot in Lowyat Plaza. From the escalators and turning right to get to the main shoplot foyer, there is a funneled path (aka. very tight squeeze due to poor building design) that usually is a height of tension during weekends - and out you come, greeted by Startec on the left hand side. Spacious and their prized memory cards, Flash drives are clearly displayed at the diagonal end in a high glass cabinet, not obstructing the main business dealing section. Well, that isn't the best thing about Startec. What Startec does that is superior to others is providing a highly readable, A3 sized pricelist. Most other competitors print their pricelist in A4 sheets. Which is itself a nice customer service methodology. But mostly, the font-size print are rather small to accommodate the hundreds of computer parts that each shop stocks. Startec Computers up the ante, by printing in bigger font, nice and easier to see categories on the fuller sized A3 paper. (A3 is twice the size of A4; or in other words, when you fold an A3 paper half-way, it becomes the shape of an A4 sheet) I have been buying mainly their Transcend Portable Harddisk for many years. And service level is always a highlight. Today, I've updated their super-sized pricelist into our Pricelist Page. Have a look!

Asus Transformer Prime tablet

Asus has made big inroads with the TF101 aka Transformer. Now we are all in high anticipation of the next version aptly called Transformer Prime. Nvidia has been using a prototype Prime for most of their demonstration of the capabilities of their next generation Tegra3 engine.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Prices and specifications in a full colour brochure plus summary page list of all available laptops, netbooks, and super tablet - TF101 Transformer.
See Pricelist page -
ASUS ranked number 1 in reliability. Beating the second place by an incredibly huge margin. Reliability is essential in today's data centric environment. Data is king, data is value. And Asus proves their confidence in themselves usually offering 2 years global warranty for laptops.

Did you know when Asus started as a motherboard maker, they started with Intel's reference blueprint WITHOUT even having the physical engine (the CPU) to test their circuitry. When they send their prototype to Intel's HQ, there was a shocking disbelief. How can an unknown company in the far east Asia, succeeded in assembling a complete circuitry without even having the CPU to test and have pure confidence it will operate and run?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

MyDomain Registration and Renewal Fees

Many times, we are unaware what are the typical fees registering a domain name entails. Many unscrupulous domain registration gives a super low rate, only to make the renewal (the following year) at a much higher cost.

Heck, even in Malaysia domain registration is a mystery especially for the domiciled TLD that ends with dot com dot my. (.com.my) For now it seems the only way to obtain a com.my is to be a registered business domiciled in Malaysia.

So the next best option is to register for the supreme - DOT COM.

Here is a pricelist of a reputable company called MyDomain.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jayacom Netbooks Laptops Tablets Pricelist 2011

Pricelist page is updated with Jayacom's - one of the oldest IT companies in Klang Valley.
A very complete 2 page list, comprising a small photo of the device, description and prices. Brands featured include Toshiba, HP, Asus, Acer, Samsung, AlienWare, Dell - perhaps the most number of brands in one brochure for comparison.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Navotech Computer Parts and Laptop Melaka Review

For a small town computer parts retailer, Navotech surprisingly offers very good service and extras. As most of us techies will know, PC parts and components sold in KL such as in Low Yat, Sungei Wang and SS2 and elsewhere, have very competitive prices. Dealers will update their pricelist almost weekly. Profit margins are like 1-5RM.

The reasoning: need to grab customers, move inventory and best of all, they know there is a huge number of "walk-in" customers, daily and even more during the weekends. Customers just casually browsing may find a price attractive, and thus will buy on the spot. Students, foreign travellers, IT techies, small medium enterprises, Buying Managers, cyber cafes, universities, out-of-towners. Literally the chance and choice of customers and their potential is great and the way to grab them is offer a "transparent" pricelist, let the sales staff "talk" and give a good smile and service to seal it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Updated with PC Depot Pricelist

Updated with PC Depot Pricelist. Compare, research, enjoy, make the right buying decision.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Readers from Maldives - welcome Naufal

Upon checking the statistics page and new Facebook page user, I found we have a new reader from Maldives. Welcome Mr. Naufal (Jackson/Mohammad). Feel free to browse, ask questions, reviews, comments, or even request for products.

On another note relating to Maldives, we hope one day soon, AirAsia will be flying there!

Pricelist for fishing reel and equipment

Here are some pricelist of popular fishing reel by Shimano, Daiwa and more.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Australia Computer Hardware Pricelist

We have now updated the pricelist page with prices of IT computer parts, hardware from Australia. This will aid in doing price comparison across the region. Chances are Australian prices will be higher, but you can never know. Sometimes manufacturers protect these first-tier markets. Allowing products to enter there first.

For instance, many IT products sold in USA now cost less than in the Asean region. It doesn't make sense when we think of daily cost of living and comparatively lower penetration of IT products.

Some points noted especially from reviews in CNET Asia is that in markets such as Singapore, lowest end products never arrive. E.g. Asus and Acer will put in better specs for similar product (e.g. increasing RAM from 2GB to 4GB for laptops) or clocking a higher CPU speed.

Asus 1015B and 1215B has this situation. Many different markets have different configuration of the final product. Ranging from less (or more) RAM, hard disk space, and even the CPU.

Back to price comparison with Australia: things are not create equal but some things are more equal than others.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Android OS taking over PC netbook devices

It seems the sleeper-hit is Android.
When Nokia N95 was launched, Apple revealed the iPhone and has ever since been the boogie man taking Nokia's share of the smart phone market.

But during those times and the past 3 years, Google silently in not great fanfare nor marketing, gave Android to the smart phone as well as tablet market. Anyone can have access to this operating system. While IOS remained Apple only. And Nokia's S60 isn't fast enough and the first touch screen 5800 had so much problems associated with the basic touch sensitivity.

Now Android is used in phones by Samsung, LG, HTC. Android is making a break into the tablet market notably on the Asus Transformer.

Soon, when Android is easy enough to be loaded onto netbooks and laptops, the paradigm shift is not difficult to predict. Hordes of users who were previously locked onto Windows 7 (Starter especially for netbooks) have the opportunity and freedom to move.

And similarly with offerings from Samsung for the smart phone OS, by moving onto Android, it is also possible and a probable solution netbook manufacturers can move into Android. Netbooks by Asus, Samsung, Toshiba, HP, can all move into Android easily with almost zero cost.

The Evils of Apple Empire - Facts and Ethics

Monday, July 25, 2011

Will be updating with prices and reviews feel free to comment

Thank you for reading this blog. Will be updating with more prices, reviews and what users want soon. Feel free to write or comment and I will try to factor in and improve this blog.

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