Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Startec Computers Lowyat Plaza A3 Pricelist

Startec Computers is located at a strategic plot in Lowyat Plaza. From the escalators and turning right to get to the main shoplot foyer, there is a funneled path (aka. very tight squeeze due to poor building design) that usually is a height of tension during weekends - and out you come, greeted by Startec on the left hand side. Spacious and their prized memory cards, Flash drives are clearly displayed at the diagonal end in a high glass cabinet, not obstructing the main business dealing section. Well, that isn't the best thing about Startec. What Startec does that is superior to others is providing a highly readable, A3 sized pricelist. Most other competitors print their pricelist in A4 sheets. Which is itself a nice customer service methodology. But mostly, the font-size print are rather small to accommodate the hundreds of computer parts that each shop stocks. Startec Computers up the ante, by printing in bigger font, nice and easier to see categories on the fuller sized A3 paper. (A3 is twice the size of A4; or in other words, when you fold an A3 paper half-way, it becomes the shape of an A4 sheet) I have been buying mainly their Transcend Portable Harddisk for many years. And service level is always a highlight. Today, I've updated their super-sized pricelist into our Pricelist Page. Have a look!

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