Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wanted Canon SX40 Nokia X2 and Asus Prime

Everybody wants to have the latest tools, gadgets, electronics, camera, phone - or should we just put them collectively as Minority Report handheld devices? Not shocking anybody out there, since the Shock of Lightning can really go faster than a cannonball. So the non-shocker is, my choice of 3 handheld devices: 1) The latest incarnation of the SX series, from Canon Cameras, is SX40 HS. There is a change in the naming. Instead of "IS" (Image Stabiliser) now it comes with a "HS" suffix. High Sensitivity. My current unit is the SX10 IS, which is literally NOT the first generation. Prior to SX10 there was SX5, which I did own as well. And another earlier SX, was perhaps SX1 and SX3.
2) Nokia (huh!) X2 (huh x2!!) - yes I would have expected double "huhs". Why Nokia and why X2? My current phone is Nokia 5310. It is small, simple, fast, long lasting, does what I want (phone call, enough SMS) and best of all superb MP3 music playing. This phone has the suffix moniker XpressMusic. So I literally had chosen it because of this aspect. I need my music when I am on the go. Oh ya, I don't have to focus on the traffic when I move around. So my mind is on the music and lyrics.

 I didn't do a big research on phones for years - simply I prefer not to be caught up in hype and "wants" - and just stumbled on it today. 5310 has served me well for exactly 3 years. It's still so new. And I did a Google quick search to see if Nokia came up with a replacement model. And this was the closest. Everything else is crazy! Phones with keypad that has more keys than my Asus Seashell, or those with 3G at a bombshell price which I would never use anyway. Or those with megapixels and mega-everything but not much in the music department. To be open, anyone has any suggestion for a similar phone - please suggest here or in the Facebook page.
3) Asus Prime - this is perhaps the only item that is state-of-the-art - in comparison to the above two selections. Yes, I have Asus TF101 Transformer. Bought it for my parents to play Angry Birds.

Now, I am hoping to snag Prime since it will have Tegra3 to power up all the graphics and videos - and lag free reading of PDF pricelist! Prime will be the place to do: a) reading PDF pricelist/magazines/books b) mp3 music at home and since it's so portable, during bath time! c) taking retro style photos using some Android Apps d) watching some music videos and art project movies e) surf f) play Angry Birds (finally?!)

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