Friday, April 19, 2013

Korean Teochew Language Discovery: Hyusig or rest and Han Seung-yeon

Korean Teochew Language Discovery: Hyusig or rest and Han Seung-yeon: Hyusig or rest. In Korean "휴식" (hyu sik) Well in teochew it is "hyu haeg". "Haeg" means tired. "Ching h...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Firefox Operating System for Mobile Devices

Firefox is sneaking to be the number 4 or 5 mobile phone operating system. There is Android and ios. Then there is Windows Phone 8 and BB10. These two are fighting a duel to the end. Windows might prevail with the support of the desktop OS and Xbox OS. But still 3rd place of the Champions League.

Now there are a few new surprises and nothing is more murkier than the orb of the tech world.

Firefox OS. Mobile OS.

There is another linux flavoured OS - Ubuntu OS. The system that almost completely gave a new accessible front for garden variety users to try to use Linux in a GUI without knowing too much of cat or dog commands, grape and grep.

That is not the final list.

There is Tizen. Something from Tarzan's book? Nope. It is a completely open sourced system that was formerly merge by some other sub entities and scraps of HP's OS and another open OS.

There is also the existing Nokia Symbian (from S60) and MeeGo. Nokia Pureview 808 is the final hardware that has Symbian on it.

If this seems like a inter-stellar operating system war, Star Wars and Star Trek combined, isn't it interesting that we are the audience or part of the participants?

Back in the days of DOS, there was a micro war between DOS (and Win3.11) with Mac (I forgot what their OS is called) and another by IBM called OS/2. Operating System Slash 2. It would have been totally cool if it existed during the heyday of Slash of Guns n Roses. So as a small history lesson, OS/2 simply died even though it had a huge Empire backing. Huge. Big. Like Facebook's money.

The OS war was won by Bill Gates aka. DOS and Win 3.11 and Win 95 and WinXP. If Microsoft hadn't helped developed some port of Office for Apple products, Apple itself would have closed shop. The irony was sympathy for the devil really wasn't called for. Now Apple's hardware department bigger than Despicable Me's wall of ion cannons and great white sharks.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Viewnet Price List 2013

ViewNet Pricelist:
My perennial favourite, Viewnet tried to start a cafe within it's labyrinth-ian mothershop - that didn't work. Now they have upped the ante with NO CREDIT CARD charges for any products bought in the shop. Even for a 23 RM Dlink USB Wifi receiver you can pay with credit card. Just like the matrix they have several tentacles - small shops scattered all over the Plaza. Plus one huge camera shop.

Overhaul of tech price list 2013

We have made an entirely new system for all price list of tech products. Check it out and comment.

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