Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tron Mobile Phone Plans Malaysia

The rebooted Tron movie, Tron 2.0 was an amazing work of CGI, special effects, and a futuristic dresscode that beats the Storm Troopers down flat. Incredibly tidy outfits with neon blue LED lights. How cool is that?
Now another Tron has landed. Why didn't the movie creators made a trademark of that peculiar sounding brand? Anyway, this Tron is a mobile service provider and more. This TRON (3.0?) is: 1) a mobile service provider 2) a Mobile Virtual Number Operator 3) a next generation mobile convergence and telecommunication interactive portal platform (gasp for air.. this line was quoted directly from the About page) 4) a challenger to the top 3 (or top 4 if you put in U Mobile) for cellular space in Malaysia https://tron.com.my/tron/index.php/about-us

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Computer and Laptop Repair Shops

There are a dozen elf run computer and laptop repair shops on the far reaches of this silicon gigahertz paradise - just at the "unwanted" portions; edges of (glory?) the main floor space. Well they look pretty decent, though the staff's over-friendly "hi can I help you" might tend to frighten some instead of inviting potential customers. Mainly these shops are run by Pakistani, Indian, and Middle Eastern bosses and staff. Very sure it is a lucrative business to dabble in the dark arts of repairing, slicing, Existenz-esque kind of chop shop - since surely there is a demand for these, and "ancient" ones that are still sought after in their homeland.

There was this case of a China businessman. Well perhaps a scrap collector. Who started collecting "pager" - that ancient device that beeps you to call the beeper back. Yes, you have to fork out some coins to call back someone at a "PAYPHONE"(!) who had just beeped you - whoever it is, it's a number and perhaps a few lines of text. Outrageous? Unbelievable? Then you're certainly born in Generation Z.

Back to the storyline: he collected all these thrash that the golden cities of the east do not want, and then pack them on his saddle and along with 7 swordsmen of Huashan, rode West. West to the mountains of Shangri-la, to land of the barbarians, outcast, pirates (aka. South West China, and to a certain extend South East China which most of your ancestors came from too! I know you readers!).

 He made 398 million dollars.

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