Monday, August 1, 2011

Australia Computer Hardware Pricelist

We have now updated the pricelist page with prices of IT computer parts, hardware from Australia. This will aid in doing price comparison across the region. Chances are Australian prices will be higher, but you can never know. Sometimes manufacturers protect these first-tier markets. Allowing products to enter there first.

For instance, many IT products sold in USA now cost less than in the Asean region. It doesn't make sense when we think of daily cost of living and comparatively lower penetration of IT products.

Some points noted especially from reviews in CNET Asia is that in markets such as Singapore, lowest end products never arrive. E.g. Asus and Acer will put in better specs for similar product (e.g. increasing RAM from 2GB to 4GB for laptops) or clocking a higher CPU speed.

Asus 1015B and 1215B has this situation. Many different markets have different configuration of the final product. Ranging from less (or more) RAM, hard disk space, and even the CPU.

Back to price comparison with Australia: things are not create equal but some things are more equal than others.

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