Saturday, July 30, 2011

Android OS taking over PC netbook devices

It seems the sleeper-hit is Android.
When Nokia N95 was launched, Apple revealed the iPhone and has ever since been the boogie man taking Nokia's share of the smart phone market.

But during those times and the past 3 years, Google silently in not great fanfare nor marketing, gave Android to the smart phone as well as tablet market. Anyone can have access to this operating system. While IOS remained Apple only. And Nokia's S60 isn't fast enough and the first touch screen 5800 had so much problems associated with the basic touch sensitivity.

Now Android is used in phones by Samsung, LG, HTC. Android is making a break into the tablet market notably on the Asus Transformer.

Soon, when Android is easy enough to be loaded onto netbooks and laptops, the paradigm shift is not difficult to predict. Hordes of users who were previously locked onto Windows 7 (Starter especially for netbooks) have the opportunity and freedom to move.

And similarly with offerings from Samsung for the smart phone OS, by moving onto Android, it is also possible and a probable solution netbook manufacturers can move into Android. Netbooks by Asus, Samsung, Toshiba, HP, can all move into Android easily with almost zero cost.

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