Thursday, March 1, 2012

Maxis Simcity 5 High Five

This is the game that every town-planner, councilor, governor, politician, wakil rakyat, datuk, must play to gain the in-depth knowledge of truly managing a village, city, town, megalopolis.

The simple fact that roads must be maintained at a maximum health rate to prevent degradation of RCI (Residential, Commercial, Industrial) activity is a mantra that alas, many a so-called Datuk have not learnt this basic, fundamental law of modernisation. Or was it embracing ignorance like a fool?

Well enough of foolish Datuks. They will go away one day. But NOT our beloved city that we build with our own mouse clicks. We want our SimCity back and we want it badly. We want to be proud developers, planners, and we want to see our cities rise, prosper (across all races, there is no such thing as "BUMI discount in Simcity" LOL and also COL - literally "cry" cos it is such a shameful system).

Some photos:

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