Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pagani Huayra world's most beautiful car

When you gather around with your pals, talking over teh tarik, these topics revolve constantly going in and out of the conversations:
1. PC parts(that's why you're reading this!), e.g. external USB3.0 harddisk, memory, latest tablet, gadget, Samsung S3, Asus Transformer Prime, Padfone
2. Football, Man U, Man City, Barca, Real Madrid, Lionel vs Cristiano, Ronaldo vs Messi, and best goals of the season.
3. (and finally) Car. Audi is so fuel efficient it's better than a hybrid. Considering Avanza, Livina, or Alza. Seems all have ZZZZ? Hybrid toss up, Honda Insight, Toyota Prius and Nissan LEAF. Problems with your Proton. Which eventually lead to politics. Then more cars again, sports car, F1, luxury cars that are selling so well in Malaysia even with the endorsed corruption called AP (Approved Permit) which is quite like James Bond's License TO Kill, but here it is a subtle License To Steal cash from commoner garden variety rakyat that has no ties to powers-to-be to be able to firstly get the permit to get the Approved Permit. (ha.. how come our topic went into politico just as we expected?!) Ok back to Cars.

So these rakyat will discuss about the latest coolest cars. Some even outright buying them. No more old-uncle Mercedes. That's the flavour of 1985. Today people are a step up with Audi A4, Lexus, and people movers with an attitude.

Then there are those who are even so high the food chain (is it possible in Malaysia and is it reasonable to buy cars that go over 200km/h when the speed limit is 110?) there are the Panamera, Porsche, Prancing Horses, Dancing Cows, Hidden Dragon, Ferrari. Lamborghini.

The fastest car in the world aside (ie. the almighty Buggati Veyron) what else is there to buy or talk-teh-tarik-kurang-manis about?

The most beautiful car in the world.
The fastest car in the world. (The Veyron has and can attain the maximum speed only at certain conditions, e.g. a clean long straight road and air quality, plus an initial run-up to hit the threshold)
The most limited car in the world. The original Zonda has around 100 sets in the world.
Handmade to perfection. Exclusive to a micron of the population.
This car isn't just made to sell to some billionaire.

Enjoy some photos of it. The Pagani Huayra.

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