Friday, October 26, 2012

Canon to start making smartphones

Apparently convergence has made the world change faster than we thought possible. Gone are Big Four or Five of accounting firms. Gone too are single function phones. ALL phones smart, dumb, crazy, feature, or non - FEATURES a camera.

If this hasn't eaten into big Canon's turf to think radical, then they certainly could learn a big lesson from the ever-growing and relentless Rainism inspired company - Samsung. Converging everything possible. Electronic or not. Look at the cameras that Samsung produce. Years ago, it was very cute or funny. Years ago, Samsung phones all have different operating system, different chargers. Years ago, Samsung didn't even do mp3 and cameras. Now they do. Now they are doing it better. Years ago HTC was the number Android company. Just 2 years ago, Samsung came and conquered that Android market in totality. So great the extent that the other fruit company with a totally different OS felt so threatened and launched a profit-generating department called the law or suing department to get even and then some.

So here is the biggest news ever: Canon is producing a super smart camera phone. No doubt about it. These are the leaked images.

Big screen, all the wifi b/g/n, UMTS, 3G, 2G, Edge, Canon Camera Engine Digic 5, DLNA, internet pass through, touch screen, WIFI hotspot, and everything Canon's camera were always capable of - producing superb images. Canon's intuitive camera operating system has been there for years, spanning all types of camera from entry level, to G series, to SX series, to DSLR. It's the same system but now with a smartphone capability and app store.

Launch date: to be confirmed but likely by 2013.

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