Thursday, February 28, 2013

Compare Malaysia Thailand prepaid mobile costs

Here is a shocking fact. Malaysia's prepaid mobile phone cost are astronomical. See this photo I took using my DTAC ( account.

And look a the internet fees. It is calculated by time instead of megabytes. Using DIGI to just simply check a gmail account would have triggered 1MB (at 10 sen per 10K).

Instead in Thailand, it is 0.17B or about 2 sen. Say you login to Gmail, and do some quick check on your account and some news and weather plus Social Networks. That is perhaps 2-5 minutes (for quick check, not like we are glued). That's virtually 2 sen x 5 mins = 10 sen!

Perhaps a good time to rally to the government about telco's obnoxious way of over-charging and getting users addicted to keep using and paying extremely high fees.

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