Friday, February 1, 2013

Sandisk Microsd Prices slightly up

Microsd price slightly up for Sandisk.
Was 49 RM last month, then up 55RM.
Price list by Viewnet.

Hardware prices for PC parts are still one of the lowest across Asia in Malaysia. There is no official GST nor VAT on IT products. Compared to Thailand, there is a 7% VAT (Value Added Tax).

Compared to Singapore they have a 5% GST (Goods and Services Tax).

While although Hong Kong is an entreport that has no tax of Goods, their relatively higher labour cost and rental cost (imagine 5 times the cost of Lowyat), so their products are priced at a higher level, and usually lower level items aren't as easily available. An entry level Logitech Keyboard can be had for 30 RM in Lowyat. While in HK, they prefer and usually do not stock those that are below 100 RM for branded products such as Logitech. Mostly they are the mid to higher end range.

Melaka - where murtabak ayam is priced at 4.00 ringgit

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